Weavers Cupboard
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
established 1998

Weavers Cupboard is located in Southern California in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. We offer Equipment for Weavers and Spinners...  Floor Looms...  Table Looms...  Rigid Heddle Looms...  Tapestry Looms...  Triangle Looms...  Spinning Wheels...  Shuttles...  Weaving & Spinning Accessories... 

Please contact Gail for additional information.   WeaversCupboard@hotmail.com

Studio Weaving Classes for Floor/Table Loom, Rigid Heddle Loom, Triangular Loom and Spinning are available.  Please see “Classes” information.  Weaving Programs for Groups and one to three-day Weaving Workshops are also available. 


Welcome to the Weavers Cupboard

Classes - Programs - Workshops

  1. BulletStudio Weaving Classes

  2. -     Floor Loom Weaving

  3. -     Triangle Loom Weaving

  4. -     Rigid Heddle Weaving

  5. BulletWeaving Programs

  6. -    Triangle Loom Weaving

  7. -    Rigid Heddle Weaving

  8. Bullet1 to 3-day Weaving Workshops

  9. -    Floor/Table Loom Weaving

  10. -    Triangle Loom Weaving

  11. -    Rigid Heddle Weaving

  12. -    Spinning, Tapestry & more...

Equipment for Weaver & Spinner

  1. Bullet    Triangle Looms

  2. Bullet     Floor & Table Looms

  3. Bullet     Spinning Wheels

  4. Bullet     Shuttles & more